Located in Regina, Saskatchewan, Pro Metal Industries is Western Canada’s premier precision and custom manufacturing, assembly, and fabrication specialist.

The industries we serve include oil and gas, mining, government, utilities, military and defence, agriculture, clean technology, private business, and natural resource-based organizations.

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Sage Pro Protect is a division of Pro Metal Industries Ltd., specializing in innovative and proactive solutions to protect our fellow Canadians. First product offerings include touch-less hand sanitizer stands, portable hand washing stations, plexiglass barriers and shields, and classroom Sugar Cubes.

Sage Pro Protect provides turnkey solutions to combat the spread of COVID-19 in your schools, communities, and your businesses.

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NP Aerospace is a global armour technology manufacturer and vehicle integrator with an extensive portfolio developed using ultra-lightweight, high performance materials. Our products protect the lives of military and law enforcement personnel, enhancing security and resilience in high threat environments. The portfolio includes Ballistic Helmets and Shields, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Suits, Body Armour Plates and Composite Armour for vehicles, vessels or aircraft. NP Aerospace has integrated and supported over 2,000 military vehicles and supplied one million combat helmets to UK, Canada, Italy and NATO allies and 200,000 body armour plates to British and Canadian Armed Forces.

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Atlantis Research Labs Inc. is a Canadian research and development company focused on aerospace, defense, and energy. We develop and leverage patented technology to bring innovation to market.

Atlantis has been developing and expanding an international patent and portfolio that drives innovation and solution prototyping in combustion-related technologies.

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Atlas Growers is a global leader in pharmaceutically viable cannabis products. Scientifically selected, cultivated, and processed in its precision cultivation facility located near Edmonton, Alberta; Atlas provides treatment options to patients who are seeking alternatives to chemical medications. Our goal at Atlas is to “Create the World’s Most Trusted Cannabis Products” in Canada and around the world.

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PFN Land Acquitistions Inc. mandate is to acquire and manage land for the Pasqua First Nation. This includes TLE land.

Currently, PFN Land Acquisitions owns 9146 acres of urban and agricultural land. The Nation can purchase up to 32,000 equity acres.

Providing investment guidance and education courses specifically designed to address the needs of First Nations, as well as reporting to Leadership, Trustees and Communities across Canada.

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Canadian Security Management is a national, specialized security solutions provider. For over 20 years, our Management Team and Core Consultants have been called upon by clients to solve their unique security requirements for a wide range of distinctive security concerns.

CSM is a proud partner of Pasqua First Nation in providing security related services in Saskatchewan.

Assistance has been provided to a wide range of clients from the following sectors: national transportation, mining and energy, broadcasters/media, government, nuclear, manufacturing, communications, and international finance companies.

Our talented team is called upon for the following circumstances:

  • Premium Security Officer Programs
  • Remote Site Security
  • Mine and Energy Sites
  • Pipeline Construction Security
  • Patrol Services
  • High Risk Security Requirements
  • Security Consulting
  • Security Surveys/Audits
  • Labour Disputes and Protests

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Hydrodig™ has become one of North America’s leading hydrovac service providers. Hydro-excavation is safer, faster, and more cost effective alternative than excavating with heavy machinery or by hand around buried infrastructure. Hydro-excavation minimizes the challenges associated with safely exposing buried utilities, pipelines, and other underground infrastructure by simultaneously utilizing high pressure water and a powerful vacuum to quickly remove soil cover. When it comes to hydro-excavating, Hydrodig™ sets the standard. Hydrodig™ provides efficient, safe and cost effective solutions to any excavation project.

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Neil Charteris Reclamation Services Inc. has been serving the industry since 1984 with innovative and reliable ways to manage environmental and construction needs. The company specializes in reclamation, site restoration and construction services in Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba. Some of their past work includes pipeline preparation, construction support and final restoration on mainline and infield pipeline projects; restoration of pipeline integrity digs, pipeline settlements, erosion and revegetation on agricultural and grasslands; as well as oil and gas well construction, reclamation and abandonments. In addition to work in the energy sector, they have also completed landscaping, construction and revegetation projects for mines, airports, golf courses and government infrastructure. The company prides itself on safely and efficiently completing quality work on every project

Contact Information:
Neil Charteris Reclamation Services Inc.
PO Box 530 Kerrobert, SK  S0L 1R0
Phone/Fax: 306-834-2995

TerraPro specializes in environmental, access, and terrain protection services within Canada’s energy and electrical transmission industries. Since starting in 2006, TerraPro has maintained strong family values and grown rapidly to claim its place as a trusted leader in the Canadian access matting and earthworks sectors. TerraPro believes in helping people access meaningful and fulfilled lives. TerraPro has been recognized as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies every year since 2014. 

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Surepoint Group is a premier industrial contractor specializing in electrical and instrumentation services, automation, mechanical, equipment fabrication and integrated modular solutions. We work within many sectors and have branches located in strategic areas in order to provide our clients with dependable and responsive service. With a dedicated and highly skilled workforce, we provide field services and full turnkey solutions. From consulting and design, right through to manufacturing, construction, commissioning and maintenance – our goal is to offer our clients exceptional products, services and peace of mind. At the core of Surepoint is a solid formation of values that we all adhere to. Nurturing our culture and staying committed to these values is ingrained into our behavior everyday and the foundation for everything we do: We Care, Live Safe, Honour Integrity, Committed to the Team, and Have Fun.

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Academy is one of the largest pipe spool fabricators in Canada. With 110,000 square feet of shop space, 50 acres of laydown, and a full suite of equipment, they are able to fabricate and ship 14,000 diameter inches of piping per week (in addition to structural).

Academy specializes in all types of fabrication (pipeline, facilities, oilsands, pulp/paper, and pharmaceuticals) and host a large number of weld procedures to tackle all types of material grades and thicknesses.

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