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Feathers & Grave Markers Project

Feather Grave Markers

With the recent discovery of over 800 unmarked graves in Saskatchewan, PFN Group of Companies and Pro Metal are inviting our partners and others alike to support these First Nations and survivors of residential schools. Our goal is to pool our resources and our networks to raise enough capital that will allow us to produce grave markers for the unidentified graves here in Saskatchewan. To date, we are aware of the unmarked graves at the Regina Indian Industrial School (RIIS) (43), Muskowekwan First Nation (38), and Cowessess First Nation (751) in Saskatchewan.

Sadly, we must recognize that there will be more unmarked graves discovered in the coming months in Saskatchewan and across the country. We know the funds raised through this project will not be enough to support all residential school sites across the country. However, we feel this could be the catalyst for a collaborative effort among our partners and others within our industries to come together and show our support. We hope you see the need and the opportunity to give back and support these First Nations and survivors at this time.

Funds raised will cover the production costs and any remaining funds will be donated to local Indigenous educational institutions such as the First Nations University of Canada, Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology – SIIT, the University of Regina, Saskatchewan Polytechnic,  and the University of Saskatchewan.

How can you get involved?

  1. Your organization can provide a cash contribution to the project and support the overall production costs for all three sites in Saskatchewan.
  2. You can share our social media posts to help amplify the message and awareness of the project and campaign.
  3. Individuals can purchase a limited-edition aluminum feather produced by Pro Metal at prometal.ca/feathers

Purchase Your Feather

To contribute to the project please contact:

Treena Amyotte
Business Development Manager
PFN Group of Companies