Media Release

Jan 29, 2021

New Partnership Creates Competitive Advantage For Partner Companies

PASQUA, SK and SHERWOOD PARK, AB – With an objective to create shared value through partnership, Pasqua First Nation Group of Companies (“PFNGC”) and Surepoint Technologies Group Ltd (“Surepoint”) are proud to announce their partnership.

PFNGC is responsible for the development of new businesses, partnership and equity holdings that will contribute to the wealth and economic sustainability for the Nation. With traditional values at the forefront of all activities, the group works towards creating an environment that promotes a higher quality of life and a future for all through deliberate business development opportunities and partnerships.

“Partnerships, such as the one we have with Surepoint, provide distinct competitive advantages, mutual benefits within the industry and endless opportunities in other industries as we combine abilities, resources, and experiences” said Richard Missens, President and CEO, PFNGC. “These types of relationships provide meaningful access for Indigenous companies to capitalize on business opportunities, build capacity, and increase First Nations participation in the local and national economies”.

“Together, our combined resources, experience, and commitment will translate into quality services, reliable workmanship, and timely results for our customers. With a commitment to growth, PFN Group of Companies will advance their mandate to create jobs for Indigenous people, through training and development as well as creating wealth for our community that supports social development.”

said Chief Matthew Peigan, Pasqua First Nation.

“On behalf of Surepoint Group, I am honoured and proud to announce our partnership with Pasqua First Nation Group of Companies. We look forward to collaborating with their leadership and team, as we build a relationship based on our common values and goals. We are excited to work together to realize mutually beneficial business and employment opportunities that will contribute to economic growth in the community” stated Trevor Muir, President and CEO, Surepoint.

About Pasqua First Nation Group of Companies

PFNGC was established in 2012 and is a registered corporate entity of the Pasqua First Nation and the General Partner in PFN Group of Companies LP. The Company is responsible for the development of new businesses, partnerships and equity holdings that will contribute to the wealth and economic sustainability for the Nation.

About Surepoint Group Ltd.

Surepoint Group established in 2003 is a premier industrial contractor specializing in electrical and instrumentation services, automation, mechanical, equipment fabrication and integrated modular solutions. The mission of Surepoint Group is to work for the success of their clients by providing safe, dependable, high quality service that best satisfies their needs.

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